Get Started Finding and connecting with a COMPATIBLE love match
is a vital element for build longterm love.
Build Relationships that Last
Get Started Addressing relationship issues with an
open mind and clear communication strategies is essential.
Build Relationships that Last
Get Started Expressing love to your partner in ways that matter to
them is 1 of the keys for building love.
Build Relationships that Last

Every Couple Faces Challenges in Their Relationships

Relationship Coaching and Support
Divorce Recovery
Preparing to be in a Relationship

Do you feel like you’ve been fighting over the same thing without really getting anywhere?

Relationship Coaching helps in 

  • Gaining a deep understanding of yourself
  • Identifying underlying negative patterns
  • Resolving deep frustrations
  • Enhancing communication
  • Deepening intimacy

You’ve tried to talk to your partner a million times, but there seems to be no solution to this problem. Maybe you and your partner are so tired of these growing communication gaps that you’re ready to give up. Although rebuilding your connection may seem impossible right now, with expert help and guidance, you can break the cycles that you’re stuck in.

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Hi! I’m Freda...

All couples, even those in healthy relationships, tend to experience stress, conflict, and low points. Sometimes challenges can encourage partners to join hands and work together to meet their needs. But it is also common for these challenges to turn into roadblocks; partners begin to get frustrated, feel alone or worry about whether their relationship will thrive. 

I am a certified life and relationship coach who has been helping couples for years. Being a pastor for over two decades, I’ve enabled individuals to build mutually fulfilling relationships that can last a lifetime. This includes addressing communication gaps, trust issues, goal misalignment, and even self-doubt. 

While some relationships do have a beacon of hope, others are at their best when the partners focus on their individual growth and healing. I have supported, encouraged, and guided individuals who experience heartbreak or even through the different phases of a divorce so that they can move on with healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. 

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Hi, I'm Freda.
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