Building Relationships

You can have a lifelong mutually fulfilling relationship

Our dating program can help you determine the type of partner that is best for you and how to identify some red flags while you are dating. Each client receives a personalized coaching plan that is tailored specifically for them, based on who they are and their goals in life. In our program, we will guide you in taking a deep dive journey within and assist you in identifying what you truly need and want in a healthy, loving relationship.

If you are feeling discouraged about the prospect of enjoying a wonderful, loving union with someone you love – Don’t give up! You absolutely can have a lifelong, mutually fulfilling relationship. In our program, you learn how to utilize some vital elements and tactics that will help prepare you for success. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed, but when you put away wishful thinking and are willing to prepare and put in the time and energy to learn more about yourself and others, the odds of succeeding are increased tremendously.

Many people jump into a new relationship with wishful thinking, and no real foresight or insight about whether the two of them are compatible long-term. They just blindly assume everything will somehow work out perfectly, and they will live together happily ever after. Unfortunately, this type of wishful thinking has resulted in many heart aches, disappointments, break-us, and divorces. Preparing yourself for a mutually fulfilling long term relationship is very important. Our program is designed to teach you how to choose wisely based on what you discover and know about yourself and others. Relationship Coach Freda Wilson will guide you through the process of finding a compatible partner and teach you ways to nurture a relationship that can be mutually fulfilling.