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The Signs of a Fulfilling Relationships and Red Flags To Watch Out For

A lot of us crave a romantic partner in life, but not just anyone can create a healthy relationship with you. The definition and content of a healthy relationship vary from person to person based on their needs. But there are a few signs that your relationship might flourish or sink, based on certain green or red flags.


Partners who are in healthy relationships regularly talk about what’s going on in their lives—fears, successes, failures, and goals. Emotion check-ins are important to get a more in-depth understanding of how your partner is currently feeling and how to support them in the way that they want. You should be comfortable talking about everyday things, and even if there is a difference in opinion, there should be no judgment.

An unhealthy relationship might have strong communication blocks. One or both people involved may struggle to open up about their life or their feelings on certain matters. This can result in pent-up frustration that has no way to be resolved since the other party is unaware of any issues in the relationship.


Integrity and honesty make up the foundations of trust. You both shouldn’t keep secrets from each other, and there should be no worries about your partner pursuing others behind your back.

However, trust is more than just believing they’re not going to lie or cheat. You should feel emotionally safe with your partner, knowing they have your bests interests at heart and respect you as a person.

People who have a hard time being honest with themselves may also be dishonest to others. When your partner lacks any integrity and refuses to take responsibility for their actions, it can ruin the trust in a relationship and make you feel like your emotions don’t matter to them. This can be very damaging on a personal level.

Time apart

People in healthy relationships usually prioritize spending time with each other, but retaining some personal space and spending time by yourself or with your own family or friends is equally important. You don’t need to spend every minute of your free time together; that can get a little suffocating.

A partner in an unhealthy relationship might come across as controlling. They don’t like you spending time with people other than them and get extremely jealous of your other relationships. They may also feel the need to control where you go, who you go with, and how you dress.

A couple building a healthy relationship by cooking together

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