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Stop a Divorce You Don’t Want with Freda Wilson

Yes, it’s possible to stop a divorce and save your marriage.

If you value your relationship and are dedicated to improving your marriage despite the rough patches, relationship coaching and divorce recovery sessions with Freda Wilson can help you and your spouse explore alternative methods for creating mutual accountability. Here are some tips you can practice with your current spouse to prevent a divorce:

A sign of refusal

Loving Your Spouse How They Prefer to Be Loved

One of the most common assumptions made by partners is that they already know exactly what their spouses yearn for. The best gift for a spouse, or anyone for that matter, is something they want rather than something you want them to have. However, you could tweak your appearance for your spouse — there’s no harm in losing the sweat pants that they hate.

Connecting Lovingly Every Day with Your Spouse

If you have children, you’re busy chasing your dreams or running after the children, but a mere 15 minutes per day dedicated to showing love to one another can improve your relationship dramatically. Reaffirm your love, make love, or cuddle in the morning to reconnect. Another recommended method of showing affection is to compliment your spouse in front of people just as you would in private.

Together and Separate

A lifelong, mutually fulfilling relationship involves doing things together regularly — it may be as extreme as SCUBA diving or just as casual as bowling over the weekend. You and your partner are free to approach anything you find fun and exciting to spend time together despite having children and busy work life.

However, if you don’t share those mutual interests in a given period, you could choose to spend time apart doing something you love on your own. When your partner demands the same, you should also give them the freedom to pursue their hobbies and view themselves as valued individuals. And what do you know, maybe the separate interests generate more interest amongst the two of you.

Returning the wedding band

Freda R. Wilson, a certified relationship and life coach in San Diego, conducts relationship coaching programs and divorce recovery sessions for couples who wish to give their relationship a second chance before opting for a permanent separation. With her methods and your willingness for building a healthy relationship, you could develop a lifelong, mutually fulfilling relationship with your spouse. If you wish to refer to Freda regarding your divorce, you can find coaching this way, the first consultation is FREE!

For more insights on how Freda R. Wilson does what she does best, read these two #1 bestsellers on Amazon by the woman herself: Building Relationships That Last and Healing The Wounds Of Divorce. She has helped numerous clients over the years to overcome and resolve personal emotional and problems in their troubled relationships.

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