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Returning the wedding band

The Real Reason Why Divorce Rate is Increasing

The total number of divorces in America to date has been 746,971 in comparison to the 2,015,603 marriages reported from 45 reporting states and the District of Columbia. The divorce rate has increased unsteadily from 1960, with fifty percent of all marriages likely to result in divorce or separation. But why is it that couples that once claimed ‘till death do us part’ suddenly feel hostile towards their significant other?

Returning the wedding band

Lack of Commitment

Marrying at a young age often translates to less education or income, increasing the likelihood of divorce during the initial years of marriage. The constant arguing resulting from failing to meet unrealistic expectations often piles up to change the nature of love overtime. These often result in the loss of support and connection between the parties involved. The lack of commitment often results in infidelity and extramarital affairs, which have proven to be the final straw for the deteriorated relationship.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is rapidly gaining momentum as it contributes to mental and physical abuse in marriages. In 2017, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported the intentional killing of 50,000 women by romantic partners. The intensity of abuse is known to get worse overtime, which is why you must seek help immediately.

Health Concerns

There’s no denying that illnesses turn detrimental to marriages fairly quickly. The increasing debt needed to treat the illness is often perceived as a loss to self by the healthy partner. However, being closely knit to the in laws can help decrease the risk of divorcing under these circumstances by over 20 percent.

Religious Differences

Regardless of how many times you may have promised one another not to exploit each other’s religious preferences, there comes a time when you can’t escape the bickering. Troubles with religious differences often arise when the couple gives birth to or adopts a child. Studies have also reported that couples in same faith marriages are known to be happier than those in interfaith marriages.

Standing on opposing ends

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