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a poem on love

Not Just an Experience for Two — Relationship Coaching for Singles

It’s okay to crave affection — people need love in their lives. We take pleasure in being supported in times of need. One of the most critical forms a relationship takes is contact comfort (i.e., the desire to be touched). 

If you’re in denial of needing love or have a history of troubled relationships that keep you from giving love another shot, a certified relationship coach like Freda Wilson can help you. 

A poem on love

Relationship Coaching Holds You Accountable for Your Actions

Attending relationship coaching as a single person can prove beneficial for your current and future relationships as it makes you examine how your actions may affect another person. Through strategic methods, professional coaches encourage you to drop your defenses and communicate why you do the things you do and why you are the way you are. This helps improve the understanding of oneself in terms of self-inquiry and character that makes you a substantial candidate for love. Moreover, relationship coaches help you decide what you want in a partner by guiding you to understand more about yourself, your needs and wants,  and what you need in a romantic relationship to succeed in building a mutually fulfilling relationship.

Healing Wounds of Your Childhood

If you reject love because of the emotional or physical wounds from your childhood, a relationship coach can guide you in letting go of the negative experiences from the past. It’s natural to want to date people who remind us of our parents, even when our experiences have been scarring. Coaching can help you identify and resolve these tendencies.

After a breakup, it can be beneficial to seek life/relationship coaching to aid you in resolving concerns you may have and guide you in restructuring your life as a single and moving on with confidence and vision for the future.  All in all, any time is a good time to begin relationship coaching. 

If you have trouble loving yourself, you may find it difficult to love others. Self-love and care can improve your relationship with your partner. Coaching can help work on different areas of your personal life that you would like to improve.

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Relationship Coaching Near You in San Diego

Are you ready to discuss your marital and relationship concerns with Freda Wilson?  If you are,  you can head this way to enroll in the relationship coaching program for singles and couples.

Freda R. Wilson is a certified life and relationship coach in San Diego who strongly believes in building healthy lifelong, mutually fulfilling relationships that last. She also offers divorce recovery sessions for clients tackling emotional and mental health issues resulting from relationship problems.

For more insights on relationships and divorce recovery from Freda R. Wilson, read two of her #1 bestsellers on Amazon: Building Relationships That Last and Healing The Wounds Of Divorce.

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