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How to Get Over Divorce

How to get over Divorce

It may seem counterintuitive to think that the road to healing during and after a failed marriage would involve facing and accepting the pain that has come into your life. But this is exactly what must happen for you process how you are feeling in a healthy manner and remove any entanglement with your past marriage. If you attempt to ignore your feelings you may unconsciously and inappropriately respond to others out of your unresolved feelings, such as, anger, or lack of trust for instance. Grief is a normal process that we experience when we lose someone who has been an intimate part of our lives. It has many facets and at times the experience with grief can be overwhelming and almost unbearable. In our Relationship Coaching Program we’ll work with you and show you how to get through your divorce and heal as you experience the emotional phases of grief, which can include shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, sometimes guilt & shame and then acceptance. This process is important so that you can let go of any negative associations from your previous marriage.

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