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Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters

Our primary goal to is help couples work through and resolve problem in their relationship and provide the tools needed to rebuild and maintain a relationship that works.  Our program contains strategies to rescue and rekindle relationships that can be saved.   We also provide strategies for leaving a relationship without guilt or regret for anyone who decides leaving is their better option.  

Dr. Michael Broder states that there are two main ingredients in a relationship that works – Passion and Comfort.  If you are staying in your relationships we will work on strategies to aid you in rekindling these ingredients.

Passion involves the sexual and romantic energy that brings you together as a couple.  It is a great motivator. It prompts one to open their heart to another.  It involves  longing, desire, and certain types of intimacy.   Passion alone can not keep a relationship together.  
Comfort is the ability to work through issues, and enjoy one another’s company.  It involves respect, common lifestyles, goals and values.  It is made up of the stuff that allows a couple to enjoy a peaceful co-existence.   

Relationships can be complicated and, at times, challenging. They take time, thought and effort to develop, nurture and sustain. We are here to support your efforts.

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